Shipment of samples and prices

We recommend shipping of your samples using a courier service that guarantees delivery within 2-3 days. While for most analytes (e.g., cortisol, amylase) there is no need to add dry ice to your shipping boxes, you may want to use cool packs or smiliar devices to keep the temperature rather low for a number of hours. Thawing of samples on the way to the lab will not affect the assay results for amylase and steroids (provided that the samples are delivered within 3 days after drop-off).


If you want to be sure that the samples arrive in our lab frozen, then please do add dry ice. Check with your courier service whether you need to use special declaration sheets and/or stickers for the shipping containers/boxes.


For more information on labeling and shipping of your samples, please download and read this document.

Labeling and Shipping Instructions
SOP hair sampling and shipment_Lab.pdf
PDF-Dokument [191.2 KB]

In order to facilitate lab logistics, we would ask you to fill in the following form (2 min max) and send it along with your shipment (either hardcopy of by email).

Order form - saliva samples
Order Form Saliva.pdf
PDF-Dokument [90.6 KB]
Order form - hair samples
Order Form Hair.pdf
PDF-Dokument [114.8 KB]

Prices for assay service vary between analytes and the biochemical methods (immunoassay, LC-MS/MS) used. So please, drop us an email to and we will promptly send you a quote for the number of samples and analytes you request.